Hentz Manufacturing

Hentz Manufacturing has been in the business of textile design and manufacturing since 1994. The Hentz leadership team has over 40 years experience in the design, manufacture and delivery of quality, US made goods. Companies who have gone overseas will tell you they did so to create additional profit by decreasing their cost of goods. Many will tell you after the move their inventory increased, lead time steadily increased and quality declined from initial runs. Don't let unforeseen expenses from an unnecessary move to overseas manufacturing ruin your business. Our expertise can keep you profitably manufacturing in the United States and likely improve your profitability by leveraging our highly efficient supply chain system.



Hentz Manufacturing offers a full range of services to fit your needs including design, production, storage and distribution.

In house designers and pattern makers bring your dreams to reality in no time! With Hentz Manufacturing there is no need to spend countless hours trying to clear the the plethora of barriers necessary to bring a product to market. Our intense range of capabilities, flexibility and speed to market will set you apart from your competition.
Spend your money on growing your business, not building inventory to support long lead time supply chains measured in months. Flexible, short lead time production provides finished goods inventory in weeks, not months. Domestic shipping has no customs and no international freight issues, a savings of both time and money!
Improve profitability by re-purposing pick/pack/ship personnel and eliminating transportation expense from manufacturing to the distribution point you no longer need. Hentz Manufacturing can warehouse and manage fulfillment from store direct shipments all the way through to direct to consumer shipments, return processing and everything in between.
1530 Progress Rd Fort Wayne, IN
E-mail: usmade@hentzmfg.com Phone:260.469.0800